Cryptocurrency Headlines Indicate BIG Investments COMING?! Hm…Not So Fast!

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Are you sick of sensational headlines? What do we do about things getting blown out of proportion, or undeserved hype and notoriety? All we can do is sit back, take it with a “grain of salt” and make educated and calm decisions about our individual contributions will be. We are small fish in a large sea of beings, and we are subjected to the whim of the currents and climate changes. We can only control our own private keys and our own small personal contribution while we gaze with awe at the benevolent beast that is cryptocurrency. Do your own research, and learn to trust the content creators you follow. All in due time, and all good things come in time. This space could explode at any moment, and you bet I’ll be here when it does. Cant wait!

Today’s latest drama started with news that BlackRock (which holds $6 trillion under management) was interested in Bitcoin (BTC) ETF’s and the internet was a buzz. Everyone was talking about it and the markets saw green across the board – one can only assume from this news.

Come to find out later that day, someone somewhere got it wrong. The Blackwater CEO Larry Fink said on Bloomberg television that he is unaware of any clients interest in Crypto… So its Fake news. sadface, feelsbadman.

I imagine the markets will retrace because of this, and if they don’t, one can assume it wasnt pumped because of the BlackRock news but a variety of other factors contributing to this pump. Time will tell.

The onus is still on you to do your own research, so please, do it.

We’ve been talking about bull runs since the earliest sign of downward motion in the cryptocurrency markets, it’s all speculation and NONE of it has been seen. So much of the hype hasn’t come true and many people are long gone out of this market, those that remain are increasingly becoming jaded. The markets are desperate for an influx, and I’ve been away for the past month. I’m still producing content, and I’m still immersing myself in this space and trading, but I haven’t been producing content on this channel. I won’t say which channels I’m producing crypto content on but if you think you know let me know in the comments! I dont disguise my voice, and the channels have a combined 500,000+ subscribers so its all good from the blockchained camp. Let’s get this crypto!

How long until we see a bull run? Don’t be jaded. We’re onto the largest paradigm shift humanity has seen in a long time, since the industrial revolution imho.

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Will government be making a larger presence in the markets? It is rumored that institutional investors are on the sidelines waiting to get in, but is that true? It’s hard to know. No one truly knows, and I am here to provide my opinion – none of what I say or any cryptocurrency content creator says is financial advice – so do your own research!

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