Black Blizzard by Krazyman50 (Extreme Demon) [Geometry Dash 2.11]

MY HARDEST DEMON :D. So happy I managed to pull through on this it was so hard. Recently it was moved above Subsonic which I’m glad, although I feel like its still underrated. I dont really care though Im so glad I beat this!!

Whats crazy is I was watching Xylol’s Killbot stream, and he beat it, then literally 2 minutes later i beat this. This run came out of nowhereeeeee I had woken up like 20 minutes earlier and was just playing for a few mins before breakfast and bam i beat it.

BY THE WAY – This was with no bypass. I found a better screen recorder that doesnt lag as much, so I was able to beat this with plain 144hz. Very happy about that the bypass almost seemed too easy. On 240fps this level is wayy easier.

Next up I’m thinking is possibly Twisted Tranquility, I’ve learned the whole level it seems decent. Ill try to get streaming again once I figure out how to do it on my new recorder lol. Well, thanks for watching:) I never though I would get this far..

Total attempts: 34,280


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